Perceval K

When I learned Joseph was a mortgage and financial consultant, I was a hesitant to use his services, as I was loyal to my bank. With months away from my mortgage renewal I gave Joey a call for his guidance to make an informed decision. I ended up utilizing his services based on his mortgage rates, terms/conditions and the option to choose from multiple lenders, Including my own bank. I was so impressed with the service & education I received that I renewed, and recently bought a second property through him. Currently I am on track to my goal of financial freedom and im looking forward to working with him again in the future. Joseph your advice is just as good as our friendship honest and reliable. You the bomb!!!


Scott M

Words can't begin to explain, how greatful I am to have met and worked with Joseph. Mortgages seemed like a bunch of fancy numbers & paper work or in other words complicated. I researched several banks looking for a good mortgage rate, until i learned about mortgage brokers. Thats when I spoke with two local brokers, one of them being Joseph. This was my first home purchase, so I screened both brokers for the best quality of service and rates. I found myself asking Joseph for a lot of advice during the whole purchasing process and i ultimately ended up using him as my mortgage representative. He has great educational material, awesome rates and most importantly trustworthy. Overall Joseph has great experience in finance and is consider his services a great asset in my portfolio. Cheers Mate!!


Gailanne J

Dennis (Joseph) Joachim has provided me with a service level that far exceeds anything I have ever experienced in the financial field. As a financial consultant, Dennis took the time to listen to my goals, educate me on options available, and develop a plan based on my needs at the time. For the first time, my financial vision shifted and the possibility of clarity was totally within reach. Dennis continues to make himself available to me for any questions that may arise. He also takes the time to follow up with all potential, existing, and past clients. As a result of his services, I have no hesitation on recommending him to my peers.


Santosh S & Christine S

You have no idea, how we felt to have what we can call home. “Our own home” At first its really stressful emotionally and financially. As a first time home buyers we need to know and learn lots of different things about real estate and finance. To start is finding that perfect dream home, then comes the most difficult part is the mortgage application process. So at that time a friend of mine, introduced us to Joseph Joachim. (Mortgage and financial consultant) This Guy “Joseph” is the one who helped us all the way, from the best mortgage Rates/Terms, to life insurance and money management. He followed up with us through each step, on every application so we were never left in the dark. Finally after all was said and done we got approved for the house of our dream. We love it so much, Thank you Joseph You’re the Man!!!!

Yours truly


Mahesh M 

I met Joe  through a co-Worker talking about his services at work. At the time I was looking for a mortgage to buy my first home for my family, so i decided to take my coworkers advice & give him a shot. From the first appointment to the signing of my mortgage and house, I felt confident in my decision to use his services. Even after possession of my home, Joe continues to give us advice in areas like budgeting, insurance, investing, and of course our mortgage goals. Thanks for your continued service and support, my family and I appreciate it my friend.